StickWars 2 is ALIVE

After a long time in development, the sequel to one of the top iPhone games is finally ready for release.

StickWars 2 has all the gloriously simple gameplay that made the original game so addictive, but adds a vast amount of new levels, spells, enemies, and other content. There is now helpful screens to guide a player how to use the more advanced features of the games, as well as a bit of a storyline for the campaign.

I can say much more about it, but I’d rather you check it out yourself on the AppStore. The game is $0.99, same price as the original, and like the original will receive updates in the coming weeks to flesh out the content, balance, and spells in response to player feedback.


  1. Can anyone give me any hints to how to distribte my money? Because I always find myself at lvl 20-22. And in those couple of lvls i get crushed. So if anyone could help that would be great!!! =D

  2. Is this and the original ever coming to android? I’ve played the game & it’s fun, but I recently switched to android… I hope it comes.

  3. when i click on the link in the website, APP Store (in red and underlined) in the app store it says: item not available in the British APP Store.

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