Slime Ball Release on the AppStore

I finally have something new I’ve worked on in the AppStore! While the game is created and owned by Pinger, I had a part in bringing it to life.

The game is called Slime Ball, and it’s a fun remake of Slime Volleyball. It’s very simple to pick up and play, and is addictive to play both against the computer and against another human.

Paid version
Lite version

I had a fun time working on it and can say that I believe most people who try it out will find it fun. We spent a ton of time tweaking the controls and other subtle elements that really make gameplay fun, and I think that effort shows in this release.

You can play against many levels of computer players which get progressively more difficult, or you can play against another player over Bluetooth. The game uses OpenFeint to track achievements and leaderboards.


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