StickWars Ultimate Challenge hits the AppStore

I’m pleased to announce that StickWars Ultimate Challenge is live on the AppStore. It is a collection of mini-games based on the addictive StickWars gameplay, and allows you to directly challenge your OpenFeint friends to compete for the top scores.

You can read more about it here, or just click here to visit the iTunes page.

I have been working on this update for months, and while it was originally slated to be an in-app purchase included with StickWars, technical limitations imposed by Apple dictated  that I release it as a completely separate app. You can try out two of these minigames for free in StickWars or StickWars Lite version 1.7. Have fun, and as always I welcome all feedback, so visit my forums and let me know what you think.


  1. Would it be possible to include it in the game but lock functionality until you check with the Apple servers to see if you’ve bought Ultimate Challenge. Then you would be able to delete the Ultimate Challenge Icon?

    I’m just getting this idea from Tapulous because they have the ability to import other games like Tap Tap Coldplay into Tap Tap Revenge 3

    • I can work on this in the future, but this requires building and maintaining a server to keep transmit this information to and from your iPhone, so it is difficult for a single person to set up.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s not true…just yesterday an Apple rep called me saying that the update to StickWars was held up because it was still flagged as having in-app purchases but compiled for 2.x, which won’t work with their system.

      Do you have a link to this info? Thanks.

        • Thanks for that. I don’t know, I literally got a call last night from and Apple rep who told me that they couldn’t approve StickWars cause it was still flagged in iTunes Connect for IAP and compiled for OS 2.x. I really wouldn’t trust them to make it a smooth process if you were going to try it.

  2. hi there,

    i loved stickwars lite, but couldn´t buy it, my iphone can´t find that app. later I try to do it using my pc, and showed that app is not available for the brasilian store. i don´t understand why, but is there any other way to have to game? not asking for free, but an alternative way to install.


    • I’ve heard this before that some people have trouble finding it in the Brasilian store. I don’t know how to fix it, as I have no restricted my app from sale anywhere to my knowledge. I wish I could help, but this is really Apple’s ball game.

  3. can´t you put for sale at cydia store? or rock? it would be much better, so you can get rid of apple´s tiranism and lack of information to developers, and aim a public that usually does not buy anything from itunes store.

    or, can´t you make an exception to a user who wants to pay, but cannot buy, and provide the folder, so I can run on my iphone? i pay you more on sw lite and swuc, $10 on paypal, how about that? i know 10 bucks isn´t a greeeeat offer, but it´s 5 times reatil price.

    i have no interest of selling, reselling, modifying or anything, just want to play it. i downloaded a ‘shareware’ on rock, and it stops at 12th level, if I´m not mistaken. I wanna go further, but there´s no way to buy through apple sh1t store.

  4. SSH is no problem, use it daily on winscp and others, but I don´t know how to crack the game. i thought the version I downloaded wasn´t the full one.

    My email is celiovaz |at| , if there´s anything you can do, I´ll really apreciate. Loved your game, great work!

    Anyway, I won´t bother you again, it´s not my intention to waste your time. If you can, would be awesome, if not, well… I´ll have to wait for Apple to figure it out.

    best regards,

  5. i bought the free version on the appstore for my iphone but i can’t buy anything new or take prisoners for stickwars how do i do it or can i do it on the free version?

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