StickWars 1.5 Live after nearly a Month

After nearly a month of delay, StickWars 1.5 is live with important bug fixes and a few new features, including a few achievements. Luckily I’m all ready to push out v1.6 which includes a new boss enemy, the giant stick figure. I also added a lot of small fun features, so as the ability to throw and slam stick figures into one another to kill them. You can also now kill the more powerful enemies by slamming many small stick figures into them. I think this adds yet another way for talented players to save money and reach higher levels and scores :) .

In addition, I’ve re-written parts of the code for the basic functions behind levels and sound, and somehow I managed to fix a bug that I didn’t know existed. The game no longer crashes sometimes when you attempt to load a new level–the bug before was due to my background sound engine, except none of my debugging tools had located it there. Basically the last crash bug has been fixed, and since I’ve been adding features to this version for the past week I have not seen it crash once. I’m really proud of the stability of the game now.

There is a new loading screen that I’m particularly proud of–it allows me to include short hints that answer the most common questions I get from users based on reviews, emails, and forum posts. It’s a lot nicer to be able to read a short hint while you are waiting 3-6 seconds for the level to load, and maybe help out your gameplay, rather then just looking at the word ‘loading’ over your current screen. I can also throw in a few words about upcoming versions, such as my brief request for feedback about charging in game $0.99 for the new multi-player challenges coming in the next version. I’d love to get some player feedback on this–I feel most people are happy paying only $0.99 for StickWars, and I don’t want to raise the price for the same basic game (campaign mode), but these multi-player challenges are a whole new ballpark that I feel deserves another $0.99. However, I’m willing to listen to my users who feel strongly enough about this to contact me. I will be providing a few of the challenges free so a player can test them out.

The bad news is StickWars has fallen off the top 10 for the first time since it first rose up there in April. But sitting at #11, I’m hoping these new features and fixes will bring new life back to the game and drive more players to it.


  1. We have to pay for an update? :( I probably can’t get it cause my mom hates me buying stuff unless I pay her and even then it’s a no :|

    • The update will be free. I’m considering charge in-game for a few of the extra new challenges, but there will be at least a couple you can play for free.

  2. The game crashes once the level is finished every time, and it changed the level difficulty of the saved game to “easy”.

    • I’m not sure why the difficulty was changed to easy, but I apologize for that. I’ll look into it.

      For now, you can go to a different save slot and start a new game, and you’ll be able to continue your current game without crashing once Apple approves 1.6 that I sent them.

  3. iv been playing on stickwars since the update..its a alot better.the bugs were fixed and and its alot faster…i think that your new feature were the hints come on the loading screen dosnt ever im not ipod has no loading time on this app..the catupults are coming now,i remember you saying that you did not fix this in 1.5 but i guess you did.i hope that 1.6 has no long delays such as 1.5,i hope it will bounce back to #1 on the app store! i also wanted to ask you if your still going to put in a new cheat code in 1.7

    • Those hints are coming with version 1.6 that I sent to Apple a few days ago.

      I have no plans for a new cheat code yet, but I may add one eventually.

  4. i also wanted to ask you about repairman…with 1.4 you made it so every person you put into it raises it 3 heath points every there a limit on how much heath it can fix now??? cause im at 10,000 now and still growing it.

    • Just once. And I’ll do my best to make sure that even if you switch iPods or iPhone later on, you won’t have to pay again as long as you are using the same iTunes account.

      In addition, you’ll get ALL the bonus challenges for just the one-time charge of $0.99.

  5. i was away 4 tge weekend where ther was no wifi and im back and at level 58 and saw i didnt get the achievments for completing 40 and 50! whats up with that?!

  6. I like the new update and have started playing it again but I don’t want to have to pay 0.99 cents. The only other person I know with stickwars hasn’t got anymore money on his account so I couldn’t do multiplayer. I’m sure this is same for many people. I was also wondering will multiplayer work over Bluetooth or just wifi?

    • The current multiplayer I’m putting in isn’t real-time, so it works anywhere that you have internet access.

      You will be able to update StickWars and play two of the new multiplayer challenge games for free. There will be an bonus 4 challenge games that require the $0.99, so paying the extra money is completely optional.

  7. Thanks for the info, and I don’t think that we should have to pay an additional .99$ for the challenges. I mean I for one never get money/iTunes cards, so I wouldn’t be able to get them, and they sit there torturing me until a year or so later when I get money, and I don’t think we should have to pay for things inside the game after we already bought it. It’s like going to get pizza, getting there and getting the pizza, just to open it and find half a pizza.

    • Once again, you get two challenges for free, and all the others are just one payment of $0.99 for all of them. And the current ‘campaign’ game will continue to be updated for free. So it’s more like ordering a box of pizza, and you open it to find a pizza and two flavors of breadsticks for free, with a separate box of even more types of breadsticks for another dollar.

      And to be honest, $0.99 to play the bonus challenges for the amount of time and effort that went into creating them is pretty low.

      I’ve always charged $0.99 for StickWars, despite working month after month to improve it and really make it a great game. I will continue to provide updates and improvements to it, and I feel everyone who bought the game is really getting their $0.99 worth ;) .

  8. Hey, sorry for all the trouble earlier, but I thought about the .99$, and whether you decide for or against it, I’ll get it. Please consider me as a beta tester(mr_xrocker98), David

  9. It’s really neat that you actually take the time to listen to the suggestions and feedback people give you. People get so demanding and your actually willing to listen, very cool.

    Are you a millionair yet?

    • A lot of the good ideas that have come out in updates to StickWars came from the players themselves. Reading every review helped me to decide the best changes to make to the game.

      And no, I’m not a millionaire yet, far from it. Maybe sometime in the future… :)

  10. Is it not possible to show exactly what position our score stands in the global category, instead of scrolling n number of scores to find it?

    Is there any update which will allow us to play 3 difficulties. Or do we always have to start a new one- for that difficulty?

    • I believe you may be able to see your rank in the global score list in the next update as well.

      You can play the three difficulties at the same time right now. Hit options and change your game save slot, and you can start a new game with a different difficulty.

    • I say again, the update will be completely free but come with some new features that will cost in extra $0.99. It is a purely optional purchase.

  11. i love the current version of stickwars. $0.99 is appropriate for the next version. im excited about the next version. when are you going to put the update on sale? i cant wait to try it out!!

    • I already have some very early testers working on it, and it will go out to beta testers any day now. Expect it to be sent to Apple in under a week from now! I’m excited, I’ve been working on this for around four weeks now.

      And to correct you, the next update will be free, but will come with some new features that cost extra. So you can decide later if you want to pay any extra!

  12. Make it cost $2.00 instead of charging us that price it should be free for us and with multiplayer more people will buy and no one wants to be stuck playing alone so they will buy it.

  13. Hi, I complete achievements, such as ‘save $10,000′, yet it does not register and I do not get the achievement.. Is this going to be fixed in a future update?
    And also, with the extra challenges, is it possible to download them all within the same app, or must a seperate app be purchased.
    Thanks for your time.

  14. I personally think you are well within your right to charge for an in-app purchase such as online multiplayer levels.

    Far too many people overlook the effort required in building a quality application or game. Customer’s have been marred by rubbish apps/games that cost 99c.

    For less than a dollar your game is beyond value for money mate, and it’s not just the game people are buying is it, you (like me) also service the game with updates and reply to customer feedback.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m only happy that I can charge a small 99c for the game and still make a profit on it.

      It’s a win win, thanks to the large numbers of people shopping in the app-store :) .

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